Anthony educates audiences about mental health, resilience, and suicide prevention.

Despite the recent de-stigmatization of mental health, it still takes a great deal of bravery and determination to reach out to a psychologist or counselor, and many people still wait until everything is falling apart before they take that first step.

Anthony connects people with practical tools and advice that allows them to help themselves and others with world-class presentations and workshops.

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Keynote presentations about Mental Wellness, Coping Skills, and Suicide Prevention.

Anthony works with schools and organizations like yours to educate students, faculty, and professionals about mental health. For the last decade he's presented all over the world offering practical tools and advice to audiences for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. This is an in-depth description of his work with lots of content and recommendation letters from other schools.

Anthony is always happy to schedule a call to see how these presentations will impact your community!

Anthony has the perfect message for all high school + middle school audiences.

Anthony's presentations highlight the healthy/unhealthy ways we deal with challenges. Some key takeaways are:

"Feeling lost or like we don't have control over things is part of the human experience."

"The way we respond to an event is more important than the event itself."

"Anxiety, depression, and stress are not unique!"

"School and community resources should be used and known about."

"We have the tools and resources around us to accomplish the impossible."


Anthony has workshops available that dive deeper into mental wellness. The goal is to get the participants to have an open conversation and share their writing pieces. Anthony takes them on a data-driven journey to identify limiting, or negative, thoughts that hold us back from making friends with ourselves, our community, and our futures. 

Please view this video to see what message Anthony has for workshop attendees. They, the attendees, are what make this workshop so incredible as they begin to find out the inner narrative isn't unique. 

The Power of Words; an elementary magic show!

The Power of Words is an educational magic show that teaches lessons about kindness, resilience, and how our words affect what's around us. In one-class period (up to 45minutes) students intreract with 11 different magic routines! Important messages are woven throughout the show in a way that resonates with elementary minds. You'll be impressed how Anthony interacts with students AND teachers!

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